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 My Gallery.

Here you can follow my work.
Freedom Tower Expo.



            I had some photographs or the World Trade Center, it seems odd that I lost them in a fire. Also started to catalog the new towers late in its re-construction. With time willing I will add more to this collection. I also hope to show some of my  skills.


I'm a person who at times travel around NYC, as I find things of interest to me I photograph them. Most of what I photograph are unique to certain areas. I hope some of these things which I capture lend some insight into my perspective.

       If you know any of the artists on here, please have them acknowledge their work. I hope to some day meet them. These are a combination of works mostly around brooklyn and Long Island City ( L.I.C.) 


           We all have a taste for these machines many of us own more than one, but why do we feel so free when we are behind the stearing wheel.   

           In a state of confusion for quite some time, conflict and contradiction was my spirit in.


 At times I was selfish, other times arrogant, angry, hateful. It is hard to let go of those emotions at times but I must travel the path to regain control of myself..

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